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Lunch Menu


Lunch Bowl

<V> – Vegetarian / <G> – Gluten Free

PLAIN – Simply rice and the main topping you choose / $9

THE LOT – Comes with rice, seaweed salad, vegetable gyoza, vegetable croquette and pickles

Beef Bulgogi 

Soy marinated beef

Korean Fried Chicken  <GF> 

With sweet spicy sauce

Tempura Squid 

Deep fried squid with gochujang aioli

Teriyaki Tofu <V>

Lightly fried tofu tossed in teriyaki sauce

Spicy Pork <GF>

Gochujang marinated thinly sliced pork

Teriyaki chicken


Small Things

Gyoza(4pcs) /6

– Prawn

– Vegetable and tofu <V>

Peanut butter wings / 9

Korean Fried Chicken fillets / 15

Sichuan salted / Sweet spicy / Sweet soy

Salt and Pepper Silken Tofu /9 <V> <GF>

Creamy Crab Croquette /8

Bowl of chips /6

Rice cake chips /6  <GF>

Real Kimchi /4

Kimchi Coleslaw /4

Steamed Rice /3

Miso Soup /3



Asian Chicken Salad /13  <GF>
With cabbage, snow peas, peanuts and a chilli lime dressing

Soba Noodle salad /12

Soba noodles and green salad with your choice of

Spicy chicken / Teriyaki tofu/ Vegetable dumpling/ Teriyaki Chicken/Teriyaki eggplant


Noodles / Soup

‘Jap-chae’ Glass Noodle /14   <V> <GF>

Sweet potato noodles stir fried with vegetables in soy sesame dressing with choice of

-Bulgogi beef              -Teriyaki tofu    

-Spicy chicken            -Teriyaki eggplant

-Spicy pork    

+Additional topping /4

Spicy Dumpling Ramen Noodle Soup /12

Pork Dumplings / Vegetable Dumplings

Seafood Ramen /14

Prawns, mussels, calamari, clams in red spicy broth


Big Things

Korean Bibimbap /14  <V> <GF>

Rice, sunny side up egg and vegetables with your choice of main topping

* Bulgogi beef          * Teriyaki Chicken

* Spicy pork              *Spicy chicken

* Teriyaki tofu            *Teriyaki eggplant

+ Additional topping /4

Hot Stone Sizzling Bibimbap / 18 <V> <GF>

Rice, vegetables and an egg with your choice of main topping

* Bulgogi beef           * Teriyaki Chicken

* Spicy pork             * Spicy chicken

* Teriyaki tofu           * Teriyaki eggplant

+ Additional topping /4


Curry Don / 12

Steamed rice served with curry with choice of

Fried Tofu / Chicken Katsu