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Dinner Menu


Small Things

<V> – Vegetarian / <GF> – Gluten Free is available upon request

Steamed Bao Bun /5 ea                                                                             

– Tempura squid

– Crunchy prawn

– Teriyaki eggplant  <V>

Mini Pulled Pork Slider /5 ea

Gochujang sauced pulled pork, Kimchi coleslaw and cheese on brioche bun

Salt and Pepper Silken Tofu /9   <V> <GF>

Deep fried silken tofu cubes with our  sichuan salt and pepper mix   

Prawn Gyoza (5pcs) / 10

Vegetable and tofu Gyoza (5pcs) /9

Dumplings (6pcs) /11

Steamed kimchi dumplings served in warm soy broth

Creamy Crab Croquette (2pcs) /8

Peanut Butter Wings (4pcs) /10

Crunchy fried wings with peanut butter  sauce

Rice Flour Battered Oysters (5pcs) /15 <GF>

with ginger soy sauce

Tasting Board /21

Salt and pepper silken tofu, rice flour battered oysters with ginger soy sauce, creamy crab croquette and vegetable gyoza



Wild Mushroom Salad /20

Green salad with Oriental dressing topped with grilled wild mushrooms, edamame beans

Asian Chicken Salad /19

With cabbage, cucumber, snow peas, peanuts and a chilli lime dressing

Korean Spicy Salmon Salad /21

Fresh salmon fillets and shredded vegetables dressed in Korean chili vinaigrette dressing



Kimchi Trio /11

Fermented cabbage kimchi, kimchi coleslaw, cucumber kimchi

Real kimchi /4

Kimchi coleslaw /4

Cucumber Kimchi /4

Steamed rice /3

Rice cake chips  /6

Bowl of chips  /6


Something Fusion

Cha Shu Pork Roll ups /21

Braised cha-shu pork with kimchi coleslaw and thinly sliced pickled radish to roll up with

Fried Chicken Burger /19

Korean fried chicken with sweet spicy sauce, pickled radish and salads served with chips

Angus Kimchi Burger  /19

Ginger soy cooked angus patty, spicy kimchi coleslaw, cheese, jalapeno served with chips

Asian Pulled Pork Wrap/19

Slow cooked pulled pork, crunchy Asian slaw and mozzarella in tortilla wrap. Served with chips.

Gamja Fries /20

Hot potato chips with kimchi, melted cheese, gochujang aioli, chili sauce and edamame salsa

– Asian pulled pork

– Sweet potato and pumpkin  <V> <GF>

Bahn-Bahn Fried Chicken /21 <GF>

Korean fried chicken fillets topped with peanuts, choose any two flavours

– Sichuan Salted

– Sweet Spicy

– Sweet Soy


Go Traditional

Wagyu Meatball /24

Wagyu meatball marinated in soy sesame sauce with grilled rice cake and mushrooms served with kimchi coleslaw and steamed rice

BBQ Galbi Short Beef Ribs /25

Ganjang soy sesame marinated beef short ribs
with shimeji mushrooms and potato
served with steamed rice

JJIMDAK braised chicken / 22
Soy braised chicken with vegetables, boiled egg and chilli served with steamed rice

Hot stone Bibimbap /19 <V> <GF>

Sizzling stone bowl with rice and vegetables with your choice of main topping

* Bulgogi beef          * Teriyaki Chicken

* Spicy pork             * Spicy chicken

* Teriyaki tofu           * Teriyaki Eggplant

+ Additional topping /4

Jap chae Glass Noodle /19 <V> <GF>

Stir fried vegetables with sweet potato noodle in a sesame soy dressing served with rice cake chips, with choice of

* Bulgogi beef          * Teriyaki Chicken

* Spicy pork             * Spicy chicken

* Teriyaki tofu           * Teriyaki Eggplant

+ Additional topping /4


Bulgogi Beef Soup /20

Bulgogi beef, vegetables and glass noodles in a ginger soy broth and served with steamed rice

Spicy seafood silken tofu soup /20

Red spicy seafood broth with variety of seafood, silken tofu and egg served with steamed rice

Dumplings and Wild Mushroom Soup /20  <V>

Vegetable dumplings, asian mushrooms with soba noodles in broth of sea vegetable